CJ Werleman

"When it comes to religion CJ Werleman has a monopoly on funny. Unafraid to venture where most are too afraid to laugh" -Bookshaker

Welcome to CJ Werleman

CJ Werleman is the engaging and entertaining voice of today's atheists, and progressives who've had enough of stupid. His meticulous examination of the world's major religions has the faithful abandoning superstition for reason, and the non-believers chest thumping the facts to evangelical friends and family. And he never loses sight of funny.

With a razor sharp wit and the cross examination skills of many of your favorite television trial lawyers, CJ applies a blowtorch to ancient beliefs written by men who believed the shovel to be emergent technology, and a wife the monetary value of two goats.

CJ is the author of the international best seller 'God Hates You. Hate Him Back', and newly released 'Crucifying America' (The Unholy Alliance Between the Christian Right and Wall Street).

A feauture columnist for Alternet and Salon, CJ is also a regular guest on the Sirius network, and a sought after keynote speaker.

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About CJCJ was born in Sydney, Australia. I guess this makes him an Aussie. Although, with Dutch-East Indies grand...