CJ Werleman

"When it comes to religion CJ Werleman has a monopoly on funny. Unafraid to venture where most are too afraid to laugh" -Bookshaker

'Koran Curious' (A Guide For Infidels & Believers)

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‘Koran Curious’ is arguably the most concise examination of the Islamic faith on bookshelves today. Werleman bravely goes where only angels dare tread, and he does so in a manner that Muslims will find revealing in regards to the historical origins of their own faith.

Starting with an expose of the forces at play keeping the American public fearful of Islam, Werleman shares a succinct and entertaining biographical account of the prophet Muhammad, so as to provide his readers with a historical and contextual understanding of the passages within the Koran. From here, he summarizes all 114 chapters of the Muslim Holy Book, tying verse for verse to the life and times of Muhammad.

An end-to-end read of ‘Koran Curious’ will leave you with not only a deep-level understanding of Islam, it will also explain why the world’s fastest growing religion has indeed been hijacked and misinterpreted by Islamic extremists and Christian-Jewish influences alike. 

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